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Net Enabled Tracking of Resource Application

We also have our flagship and now Trade Mark application, Net Enabled Tracking of Resource Application (NETRA).

It basically allows the management to keep track record of all the schemes/projects being implemented under the department. The system allows all the stakeholders of the project, view the status of the project at various stages on real time basis. The scope of solution includes review of records and allocation & utilization of funds under the schemes, evaluation of the project performance, and to ensure transparency in the implementation of programmes. It also focuses on identifying the problems, if any, in the implementation of the programmes and projects.

Following are the projects running under NETRA :

MIS for tracking Plans

It has various modules working independently and parallel.

Creates tentative plans and has different phases for approval.

Users also can add expenditure against approved plans.

Reports are generated separately for each module.

MIS for Scheme Tracking System

This Scheme Tracking System for MIS has various modules.

It tracks the status of the projects. Here, projects are approved, released, pending and sanctioned.

It tracks the status of the projects. Here, projects are approved.

MIS for tracking end to end approach

It generate reports based on hierarchy year wise, state wise, etc.

It can track financial and physical numbers at every phase.

Some Features of NETRA

Input, Output and Resource Management on Real time Basis

Bio-Metric Data Integration of Ultimate Beneficiaries

Quality Management System

Risk Assessment and Quick Alert System

Encrypted Password Secured Information

Web Enabled Real time Based Knowledge System

Integrable with Legacy Systems

Online Traceability and Monitoring System with Tracking up to the Level of Ultimate Beneficiary

Custom Report Generator system with reporting horizontally as well as Vertically

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