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  • Like any certification the CEH and CHFI both are really good at defining a baseline for what you need to know to get started in any penetration testing or forensic analysis. One of the most important parts that I have used from the CEH is the methodology or approach and how do define the different phases of the attacking process. This has been very instrumental in the review and project documentation that is delivered to the execs as well as defining how a multi-person phased approach is handled in a large pen test project. This is the same thing with the CHFI lessons and exam. The simple DOs and DONTs, mainly legal concerns, on how a process is completely correctly. I have found great use out of the materials I used to study for each of these exams and the information I retained will continue to be key roles of both my procedures in pen testing / forensics all the way to the reporting and legal concerns.

    Corey Moodie, Senior Microsoft & IT Security Architect at Pearl Technology

  • The CEH in my opinion is by far the best practical baseline certification for security. I personally would not classify anyone a senior security analyst if they did not have the knowledge required to pass the CEH. The CEH is great for any security professionals that needs to understand and actually perform in a security role and is not just for those performing penetration testing. The CEH course / certification is perfect for those that actually need to design, develop, implement, test, or support security solutions. This is why in my opinion that the US government is now requiring it for all of their computer network defenders (CND analysts).
    Jeff Spicer,  Information Security Coordinator at State Farm Insurance

  • The session is awesome, we are expectiong more from you which will make our web applications more secure.


  • The web secutity training was very enlightning. It helped us to understand that how hackers penetrate into the web applications which we think are very secure because of various encryptions, firewalls and authorisation methods and how to prevent them from hacking our applications.
    Nishant Mehta,

  • Thanks for sharing useful information on web application secuity which is very useful for my day to day work process and in enhancing security aspect.
    Sk. Humeer Ahmed,


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