Arete Software

Management Information System

Arete Software specializes in developing custom Management Information Systems (MIS) tailored to the specific needs of diverse organizations, including those for Central and State Governments.

Our developed Management Information System offers solutions for complex problems, automates office tasks, manages large databases, monitors policy implementation, conducts analysis, coordinates activities, exercises control, and visualizes information to facilitate faster and more efficient decision-making. Our applications are utilized nationwide by millions of users, supporting the automation of government schemes and policies. For private clients, our MIS software includes systems for monitoring production processes, managing inventory, tracking supply chains, and conducting online project monitoring, even in remote locations.

MIS system for government clients

Nationwide Waste Management

Intigrated Village Development Program (NETRA)

MIS (NETRA) For Planning Department

Equity and Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme

Horticulture Mission For North Eastern and Himalayan States Program (NETRA)

MIS and E-Licence System For Online Controlled Substance Registration System (NETRA)

Responsible Crop Initiative

Venture Capital Assistance Scheme (NETRA)

Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Tracking (NETRA)

Form Building and a GPS Enabled Dashboard (Swatch Bharat)

ICT Supported MIS For National Vegetable Initiative and Pulses Scheme (NETRA)

MIS system for private clients

Mobile Solutions For a Commodity Trading Company

Online Grievance Management and Resource Tracking

Online Project Implementation and Monitoring System For Telecom Industry

Internal Project Monitoring and Tracking

Nationwide Waste Management

Scheme Management (NETRA)

Sales and Inventory management