Arete Software

Search Engine Marketing

Arete Software offer client-driven SEM services which are significant part of a broader online marketing strategy, fully based on paid or sponsored advertising.

Our sole purpose is to drive your leads with immediate and ongoing results through constant evaluation and absolute fine-tuning of our SEM strategies.

Keyword research and selection

Effective keyword phrase research and selection is a crucial skill for a successful SEM campaign. We accomplish this by creating a seed list of starting terms, expanding the list while utilizing effective keyword research tools, and finally refining the list with competitive research.

In-depth analysis of competition

Our in-depth analysis of competition includes your competitors, what they sell, their market share, their past and current strategies, the type of media used for promotion, strengths, weaknesses and the potential threats that they can create for you.

Advertising on multiple platforms

We have unrivalled expertise in planning and successfully executing Pay per click, display ads, remarketing, social media ads, banner ads, google shopping ads, and youtube ads offering you the maximum return on your investments.

PPC audits

PPC audits are imperative for a result-oriented pay-per-click campaign. It is the best possible way to dig into your PPC account for finding out those specific areas which need immediate attention. Our PPC campaign audit allows businesses to see where they stack up against their competitors.

Content optimization

Our page content optimization process includes a comprehensive review of different parts of the website including content, title tags and meta tags. Once all these crucial improvements are strategically carried out, the website gets friendly for search engines.

SEM copywriting

Our experienced and competent team of SEM copywriters closely works with a team including SEO, PPC, Programming, User experience (UX), SMM, and Analytics in order to implement a strong and result-oriented SEM campaign.

Landing page optimization

A landing page is the key component of any successful digital marketing campaign. This page is exclusively designed to generate sales and capture leads. It is also the primary destination of paid online marketing campaigns. We optimize landing pages to ensure that you get the highest possible conversion rate.

PPC bid management

PPC bids pay for the promotional activities that people see on a search engine results page, separate from natural results. The ads which PPC bids pay for are known as sponsored links or sponsored ads, and appear when a particular keyword which the PPC bid bought is entered into the search bar.

Performance analysis

The intent behind performance analysis is to inform business owners on how their project is performing in terms of process execution and where it needs attention to enhance performance. Our performance analysis is strictly based upon project scope statement, performance measures and the ongoing status of goals and objectives.