Arete Software


Project Overview

Acer is a not-for-profit educational research organization with a mission to improve learning. Acer is trusted by schools around the globe to provide reliable, valid and evidence-based assessments, delivering more than 7 million assessments every year through our cutting edge online platform.

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The Challanges

  • An education providing organization had been conducting tests physically and providing physical reports to the school and students which takes upto 2-3 months to reach them.
  • A lot of times the report doesn’t reach the students and parents due to various reasons.
  • Student loose precious 2-3 months and live with uncertainty just waiting for the result.
  • Also, after 2-3 months of taking the test the results loose relevance.
  • They want to automate the process of sending result keeping everyone in loop like parents, students and schools.

The Solution

  • Arete designed the solution by creating a mobile application with multiple users.
  • Student needs to register themselves with unique id and they will be able to see the reports of their tests.
  • They will be able to download and share the subject wise or compiled report through the application.
  • Similarly parents can create their account and add multiple students with the help of the unique id.
  • Parents will be able to see real time test evaluation report for each student they have added in their account.
  • School can create their account with schools unique code and they can also see the report of the students from their school. They can view the report student wise or compiled.
  • This application is one stop solution for sharing the reports with students which saves time, resource and effort as no manual intervention is required to send reports.
  • The system will compile result of earlier years as well and user can see evaluate competitive performance of past years at one place.
  • Lot of waiting time can be save as the result can be declared and will be available to user at much earlier time