Arete Software


Project Overview

We can create an application for tracking of internal processes and automate the process.
Our team is experienced in creating such a mis application where multiple customized reports can be downloaded.

The Challenges

  •  Sfac is sanctioning the loans to fpo offline which require a lot of human effort and managing the details in files.
  • These files need to be circulated to various departments for approval and require a lot of time to disburse the loan amount.
  • As fpo are growing rapidly the files are increasing which ultimately causing problem as they require space and their might be a chance of demolish of paper file.

The Solution

  • Arete created an application to monitor and track the activities of each loan request.
  • Every department has their login in the application.
  • Multiple approval letters are created within the application automatically and automate email sent to the sfac department and applicant.
  • This application allows sfac to track the progress of each file and its phases.
  • This application reduced the physical work and reduced the size of human resource required.
  • A parallel application is created to integrate with vca for bank approval where separate login is created for banks.
  • The banks will directly ask for the requirement documents from applicants and applicants can upload the document online.
  • No physical sharing of the document is required as the solution automates the process and hence reduced the time of processing.
  • This application provides ease of managing large files systematically.