Arete Software


Project Overview

This is where artsy comes in, this platform will help artists showcase their artwork to a wider audience, and connect with potential buyers and clients while also earning a living through the platform. The main goal of this project is to help artists monetize their artworks and to also be discovered by art lovers.

Artists are emerging in every part of the country. The artworks they put out every day are beautiful and inspirational but the problem is that they do not have a centralized system to help them showcase their artworks to the wider world. They resort to roadside showcases hoping that someone will get out of their car to buy from them.

The Challenges

The percentage that the platform charged artists should be right and there should be an assurance of sales to the artists.
A brief was sent out to me by my mentor to design an art platform where people can buy, sell and connect with potential clients. He wanted a solution that will encourage people to buy art online more regularly. His goal was to boost online presence and market share for artists.

The first step was creating user interviews. Creating the interviews helped me understand what the users needed; it turned out to be a very interesting process. I wanted to gain more in-depth insight into users’ behaviors, motives, and preferences when it came to buying and selling artworks.

Option for artists to login/sign up
People should be able to bid and buy paintings if there is a dashboard, painting add option, bid option, date time, end date, and painting information.

The Solution

The arete software team would like to introduce a software that allows you to create your own. Auction house. Related to any product line to buy or sell at a competitive price with a wide market Covering both national and international issues. This may be useful for people who are all into painting.
Art work, artifacts, commodities, luxury, second-hand goods and articles, scraps, and so on.


• It contains an interface for the client where they can add their product for auction with description and images of the artwork.
• The client can set the dates of the auction by themselves and receive automatic reminder notifications.
• To participate in the auction, the registered user will receive an email and sms.
• The client can set multiple auctions, which will be automatically available at the user interface.
• The client can also define the design of the user interface, but the same will be done by our support.
• Teams per client preferences.
• The software also has a feature to set the bidding criteria as per client requirements.
• Reports will be generated from the software at the discretion of the client.
• Filters are used to generate various reports.
• The software supports the integration of a payment gateway, which can be chosen by the client.
• The client can set the reserve price for each auction.
• After the user bids, the system will send a notification to the client.
• Clients can create multiple users for their team.


• Reduce dependency on it team to set up auction
• Interactive and multiple design for user interface.
• Reduce manpower
• Reduces cost to the company.
• Ease to use and handle.
• One stop solution for maintenance of data of the auction.
• Auto emailing helps in marketing.
• Competitive pricing for both seller and buyer
• Wider coverage of potential buyer as seller
• Transparent business with ethics.
• Quick and timely turnaround and competitive of the transaction.