Arete Software

Sports Trading Company

Project Overview

Lodhi sports website presents the highest quality equipment, a vast array of styles, and excellent value, so that your goal can easily become a reality. Lodhi sports has had quite a journey since 1967, when its first store came up in downtown new delhi.

The Challenges

Client wanted a high end look and feel of their ecommerce site with more than pages to incorporate all the types of the services

They have 1000+ products like treadmills, cricket kits, rackets, pool tables etc. The whole problem was how we show 1000 plus products in different categories on one website so that customers can get products by category, search, brands.

Clients want their fitness and sports gym in one place, and the website should provide complete information about the products. Also, they have the option to upload four to five images of the product along with the product catalog and the quality of the product.

Products from brands like adidas, body sculpture body solid, bruce lee, campingaz, celestron, cockatoo, coleman, weslo, eco wellness etc. Display their products with the brand on website; lodhi sport wants the site to be clean and quality with advanced features.

The Solution

We have created a website on which many features are given. Like four images can be uploaded at a same time, in which one can be a cover image and the rest can be alternate images of a product. Categories can be created in an admin panel by which, while adding drops, you will come to select the category of product. Also, we can define products by brands. It works with filters on websites.

  • For admin, the website provides options for upload product, delete product, update category, receive query.
  • Brands like adidas, body sculpture body solid, bruce lee, campingaz, celestron, cockatoo, coleman, weslo, eco-wellness have also been added to the website.
  • The website is updated with complete safety and high class and its admin has all advanced features.
  • Improve organic seo search results and boost overall conversion Implement a fully responsive solution backed by word press cms